Ashton and Reid on Clubs and Associations

Second Edition

By Paul W Reid, David Ashton

A diverse range of legal issues can arise in the course of a club or association's activities and therefore can present difficulties for those who advise clubs, with problems ranging from interpretation of club rules to sex and disability discrimination. Legal issues can span employment law, property law, taxation, company law, licensing, and litigation. Ashton and Reid on Clubs and Associations is the definitive guide to the legal framework in which clubs and associations operate in the UK, bringing together the various strands of law to provide practical legal advice for clubs and their advisers. This second edition has been fully updated to cover important new UK case law and recent legislative developments, including the Companies Act 2006, the Charities Act 2006, the Gambling Act 2005, the Co-operative and Community Societies and Credit Unions Act 2010, and the Equality Act 2010. Contents include: the formation and dissolution of a club in the UK * internal relationships: the club and its members * external relationships: the club and third parties * clubs as parties in civil proceedings * appendices.

598 pages

Publication Date: 3/28/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846612510

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