Security for Costs and Other Court Ordered Security

By Philip Bartle, Adam Solomon, Sam Neaman, Brian Lacy, Elliot Perkoff

Edited by: Clive Freedman, Richard Perkoff

There are many circumstances in which the UK courts can order a party to put up cash security, from security for costs to receivership. Security of Costs and Other Court Ordered Security brings together critical analysis of, and practical guidance on, all types of security. Taking a practical, problem-solving approach, the authors show litigators how to navigate the technicalities, utilize the weapons available to them, and defend clients from claims. Written by a team of commercial litigators from Littleton Chambers in London, this book will help practitioners develop case-winning strategies through using tactics that work. It is equally well suited to those working on large scale litigation and those who want to apply for summary judgement or for an order for security costs. Contents include: security for costs . conditional leave to defend . sanctions for breach of rules . cross undertaking to damages in injunction cases . freezing injunctions . receivers . interpleaders . admiralty jurisdiction . enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.

169 pages

Publication Date: 5/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846611988