Injunctions and Orders Against Anti-Social or Violent Individuals

By John Platt, Mathu Asokan, Lorna Findlay, Delia Truman

Anti-social or violent behavior can take many forms and there are numerous legal remedies for addressing such problems. This book brings together the UK's law and procedure relating to civil injunctions for anti-social or violent individuals and focuses on the procedural requirements of such actions. It covers UK Anti-Social Behavior Orders (ASBOs), Anti-Social Behavior Injunctions, Protection from Harassment Injunctions, Local Government Act Injunctions, Family Law Act Injunctions, and the new Forced Marriage Protection Orders. The authors provide a detailed outline of the legal framework underpinning each area, together with practical advice on bringing and defending proceedings. Each chapter contains commentary and checklists for compliance with relevant procedure and precedents. Also included is a useful list of ASBO wordings disapproved of by appellate courts. As well, a comprehensive suite of expertly drafted precedents for use in these cases is included on an accompanying CD-ROM.

355 pages

Publication Date: 10/31/2009
Format: Paper & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781846611841