Psychiatry of Violence

A Guide for Lawyers

By B. Mahendra

There is undoubtedly a public preoccupation with violence in all its manifestations. However, there is considerable misunderstanding of the psychiatric aspects of violent and aggressive behavior. First, the perception of violence perpetrated by the mentally disordered is often a mistaken one. In fact, there are relatively few incidents of violent behavior due to those suffering from mental disorder, although much publicity attends any act of violence from these patients. Secondly, even where the mentally disordered patient is the perpetrator of violence, the mental disorder, per se, is not usually the only causative factor. Mentally disordered patients, like everyone else, are subject to the forces of society, culture, and personality. This fact must be appreciated if a clear understanding is to be achieved of the psychiatry of violence. This book sets violent behavior, not only against a background of mental disorder, but in relation to the social, cultural, and personal pressures which can impinge upon an individual who goes on to perpetrate violence. The Psychiatry of Violence is an invaluable guide for legal practitioners involved in criminal law and family/child law, as well as other professionals who work within situations where they are called upon to evaluate the risks of violent behavior - social workers, children's guardians, probation officers, community workers/counselors dealing with both offenders and victims, and those involved in making policy. Contents include: an introduction to violent behavior and its roots . violence in relation to mental disorder . organic mental disorders . psychotic disorders . disorders of mood . neuroses . disorders of dependence and appetite . disorders of personality and psychopathy . learning disabilities and developmental disorders . special situations and unusual disorders involving psychiatric violence . domestic violence . serial and sexual violence . public and political violence.

242 pages

Publication Date: 3/31/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846611711