Education Law and Practice

Third Edition

By Mary Hughes, Karen May, John Ford

Education Law and Practice is a practical guide to this complicated area of UK law. It is for all professionals advising parents and pupils, as well as schools and governing bodies. The work begins with an introduction to the history and structure of the education system before examining the key UK issues, such as admissions, health and safety, attendance, discipline, exclusion, and special educational needs, as well as issues specific to further and higher education. This third edition largely follows the of previous editions, but it is also substantially re-written to reflect developments in: new school structures and academies, exclusions and discipline, new tribunal regulations, and children services and children's authorities following the UK's Children Act 2004. The authors' explanatory text is complemented by useful precedent letters for professionals acting for parents and pupils, together with relevant consolidated statutory materials. Contents include: a brief history of education in England and Wales - the key players - structure of the school system - school curriculum, standards, and inspections - school admissions - health and safety, pastoral care, and welfare - attendance - discipline and exclusion from school - special education needs - social welfare law - special cases - further and higher education - discrimination - complaints and remedies - judicial review and statutory appeals - failure to provide appropriate education - practical considerations in running an education case - UK legislation - checklists and precedent letters - useful names and addresses.

776 pages

Publication Date: 3/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846611667