Alcock, Birds and Gale on the Companies Act 2006

By Alistair Alcock, John Birds, Steve Gale

Edited by: John Birds

The UK's Companies Act 2006 has been the most radical reform of company law for decades, and the UK government has decided to bring the remainder of the Act in over an extended period up to October 2009. Alcock, Birds and Gale on the Companies Act 2006 follows the structure of the Companies Act 2006 and explains what stage the implementation process has now reached. Throughout, it states which commencement orders and statutory instruments are in force as of April 2008, and those provisions scheduled for October 2008, as well as setting out clearly those parts of the Act that have been held back to 2009. This new work builds on the success of Companies Act 2006: The New Law (Jordans New Law Series) and includes a new chapter on the staggered commencement of the Act with information on the transitional provisions and provides practical guidance of new UK regulations governing: company accounts and reporting and audited accounts * duties of appointment and removal of auditors and Part 42 governing supervision of auditors * important changes affecting directors duties including conflicts and the concept of general duties * amendments designed to modify and streamline the law on debentures.

1467 pages

Publication Date: 3/25/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846611360