Disqualification Undertakings

Law, Policy and Practice

By Richard Williams

Company directors found to have committed unfit conduct in the UK are subject to disqualification from directorships. Where a director offers a disqualification undertaking themselves, they avoid a full hearing of the matter and also typically receive a discounted period of disqualification from the UK court. Disqualification Undertakings: Law, Policy and Practice provides authoritative and practical guidance on navigating the undertakings system and the procedures for applying for leave of an undertaking. This is combined with empirical research on reasons cited in schedules of unfit conduct and periods of disqualification, enabling UK practitioners to advise clients on the most effective strategies when negotiating terms of undertakings. With the number of corporate insolvencies likely to rise over the next few years, this is an ideal volume for those advising the increasing number of people disqualified from directorships.

364 pages

Publication Date: 1/30/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846611346