Charities, Trading and the Law

Second Edition

By Stephen Lloyd, Alice Faure Walker

Charities are involved in trading more than ever before, whether it is to deliver their core services or as a means to fundraising. This book steers the reader through the myriad of legal issues to be aware of in the UK. The book highlights the preliminary issues which charities must consider when carrying out trading activity in the UK. It provides an outline of the tax and value added tax implications of the various types of trading. It covers specific types of trading activity: ~primary purpose trading, charity sales including charity shops, trading aimed purely at raising funds, and income from charity property. It also covers broader UK commercial issues as they apply to charities, including contracts, ~e-commerce, competition rules, intellectual property, insurance, and insolvency. Each section is illustrated with examples and cases showing how the law is interpreted and applied in practice. Updated to take account, not just of changes in the law but changes in the ways charities trade, this second edition explains the underlying legal principles, Charity Commission guidance, and other good practice recommendations. It will be an essential reference for charity trustees and employees, and lawyers and accountants advising charities on trading issues.

337 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846611063