The International Survey of Family Law

2007 Edition

Edited by: Bill Atkin

The International Survey of Family Law is the International Society of Family Law's annual review of developments in family law across the world. This 2007 edition covers developments in 16 countries and is written by leading academics and family law experts. Each article is accompanied by a French language abstract. The book begins with a round-up of the major developments in the international arena, and is followed by contributions from a diverse selection of countries where there have been important developments in family law. Contents include: --- Annual Review of International Family Law --- Finances and Facilitations: Australian Family Law in 2005 --- Marriage and Morals (Canada) --- Who Are My Family? (England and Wales) --- The Reform of German Maintenance Law --- Hindu Law and Uniform Civil Code: The Indian Experience --- Women's Inheritance According to the 2005 Amended Hindu Succession Act (India) --- Merits and Limits of Criminalization of Family Law (Japan) --- Family Laws in Malaysia: Past, Present and the Future --- Overview of Matrimonial Developments (The Netherlands) --- Reflections on New Zealand's Property Reforms 'Five Years On' --- Developments in Nigerian Family Law: 2002-2006 --- Family Law Relations Between Parents and Children (Serbia) --- Family and Child Law in South Africa: Common Law v Constitutional Norms and Values --- For Better or Worse: Marriage and Divorce Laws in the Kingdom of Tonga --- Protecting Children Through State and Federal Laws (United States) --- Developments in Zimbabwe

351 pages

Publication Date: 7/1/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846610660