Re-Rooted Lives

inter-disciplinary work within the Family Justice System

By C. Thorpe, J. Trowell

Re-rooted Lives marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of Rooted Sorrows, the first volume in the series of collected papers from the interdisciplinary UK Dartington Conferences, which introduced the family judiciary to the important role of child psychology and psychoanalysis in the outcome of child protection cases. A decade on, the diverse professions working in the UK family justice system continue to share the common goal of preventing or ameliorating the effects of 'rooted sorrows,' despite the inevitable tension between the aspiration to 're-root lives' and the difficulty of providing that ideal in many individual cases. Through papers written by distinguished contributors drawn from various disciplines, edited and grouped thematically, Re-rooted Lives provides a detailed exploration of both the theory and practice which underpins the attempt to achieve best outcomes for children and their families. The topics discussed include child sexual abuse hearings in family courts, what is 'true enough' to be convincing evidence, the role of the judge and the value of the expert witness, psychodynamic assessments of sibling relationships for the family courts, myths about family mediation, the future for social work with children, and many more.

185 pages

Publication Date: 8/1/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846610479