Licensed Premises

Law and Practice + Supplement BUNDLE

Written by a team of over 30 specialist writers from across the fields of licensing law, practice and policy, Licensed Premises: Law and Practice provides practical guidance to local government officers, police and the licensed trade on ALL aspects of their role in the new regime. This is the only book available that describes which measures are most effective in promoting the licensing objectives and provides detailed advice on the main policy issues such as minimum pricing, zoning, cumulative stress and terminal hours. Packed with a wealth of charts the main text offers advice, direction and insight, together with precedents and materials. Licensed Premises: Law and Practice also includes clearly written chapters on procedure, the use of conditions, closure, appeals, judicial review and human rights. This book comes with an updating supplement that covers all amendments and developments in licensing law and practice since the original publication date in January 2005, including: the latest Regulations; a detailed critique of the seminal decision in Canterbury City Council and its implications for the second generation of licensing policies; an updated appraisal of the Government?s ?later hours? policy, and the impending review of national guidance; In depth commentary on the Hearings Regulations; a full account of the new fire safety law, with its radical implications for licensing; the latest debates on policy, such as smoking, minimum pricing, paid for policing and alcohol disorder zones; BEDA?s new dispersal policy for reducing night time nuisance and disorder. Now brought right up-to-date with a 172 page supplement including the latest regulations. New edition due in 2007.

1656 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781845922917

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