For the Tempus-Fugitives

Poems and Verse-Essays

By Christopher Norris

This stunningly accomplished volume, which handles the most demanding verse forms with apparently effortless skill, confirms Christopher Norris's status as one of the most erudite, original and adventurous English-language poets of our time.--Terry Eagleton, Distinguished Professor of English Literature, University of Lancaster ***'Let's think,' writes Christopher Norris, 'let's think' in verse, highly formalised verse. And let us, he writes, after Kant, 'dare to know'?to know, again in verse, highly formalised verse. And 'let us,' he writes, 'know ourselves more fully.' And we do. Here. Astonishing.--John Schad, Professor of Modern Literature, University of Lancaster *** In this latest collection of poems and verse-essays, Christopher Norris revisits many of the topics for which he is best known as a philosopher, literary theorist, and writer on music. Among them are the many-worlds metaphysics of Leibniz, the issue of poetic truth, the function of rhyme in poetry, the "theory wars" in literary studies, the augmented-fourth interval (or triton), also known as the "devil in music," and musical minimalism approached from a critical or cultural-diagnostic standpoint. There are also some shorter, more "occasional" pieces including an epithalamion (wedding-poem) for the poet's daughter, a semi-fictive double sestina about police infiltration of activist groups, a savagely bawdy polemic imagined as addressed by the ancient Greek satirist Archilochus to his ex-fianc?e Neobule, and a number of shrewdly angled political poems with reference to events from the 1980s to the present. These pieces have the hallmark qualities of intellectual range, perceptive wit, and formal inventiveness that characterize Norris's verse-essay. They make a strong case for poetry as a vehicle for argument, dialogue, and open debate. (Series: Critical Voices) [Subject: Poetry, Philosophy, Literary Studies]

Publication Date: 5/1/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781845198671

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