Insult to Injury

Violence in Spanish, Hispanic American and Latino Art & Literature

Edited by: Debra D. Andrist

The stark reality of all life, from the biology of the food chain incorporating all living beings to the social stratification and hierarchies of human cultures, revolves around violence-physical or psychological. That unavoidable, black-and-white, worldview of survival of the fittest with little if any grey to mitigate it is coloured only by the red lifeblood of the victims of the bigger, the stronger, the smarter, the wilier, who literally and/or figuratively "eat" their victims-overcoming, overwhelming, controlling, and oppressing them. Insult to Injury focuses on the representation of the visual and literary artistic products of a group of seemingly alike yet divergent societies, with linguistic and cultural ties that reflect those societies' means of control. These representations socialise viewers and readers in personal or public situations, establishing ubiquitous hierarchies. French social anthropologist, literary critic, and theorist Ren? Girard maintains in Violence & the Sacred that "the oldest means of social control is...violence." While the incorporated violence itself is not the overweening theme of this work, the representation or threat of violence functions in reality in terms that imply its consequences to the viewer or reader. These consequences are discussed in terms of control-directed violence based on gender roles and politics, socio-cultural power, and environmental issues or eco-violence. The underlying message is that of the necessity to behave according to imposed norms, stated or implied, or suffer those consequences, which makes a convincing leitmotif in works by Spanish, Hispanic American and Latino visual artists and writers in the Spanish language over the ages. [Subject: Literary Criticism, Art History]

Publication Date: 11/11/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781845198367

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