Laws, Policies, Attitudes and Processes That Shape the Lives of Puppies in America

Assessing Society's Needs, Desires, Values and Morals

By Carmen C. Cusack

Puppies - nubile, tender, and pure - have become endeared to U.S. society, and to some extent, the world. Puppies are the holy grail of animal companions to Americans. They are glorified above other animals and protected by numerous laws, yet they are systematically, lawfully, and illegally abused, tortured, and killed. A vast array of opinions, policies, protocols, rules, regulations, and laws govern treatment or mistreatment of puppies demonstrating that appreciation for puppies is neither ubiquitous, nor superseding. Puppies may be subjected to painful product testing in the U.S., but not in Europe, despite their glorified status above other animals. This book details the myriad of laws, policies, attitudes, misfortunes, and processes shaping puppies' lives in America. Specialized topics such as Bestiality, Child Grooming, Pornography, Film, Mythology, and Art are addressed to build an argument that overall, treatment of puppies in the U.S. reflects priorities, needs, values, and morals which are contextually based on human desires, capabilities, survival mechanisms, altruism, American family life, and the economy. The randomized yet selective treatment of puppies typifies American culture, and to some extent other cultures, at least in the American purview. The author analyzes physiological comparisons between humans and dogs to discover why Americans may be so interested in puppies. The foundations of this research are law, social and behavioral science, policies, history, politics, animal studies, animal welfare, criminal justice, sociology, anthropology, and current events.

Publication Date: 3/1/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781845197803

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