The Ultimate Three Minutes

The Story of Two Great Human Watersheds - Their Preparation and Their Coinciding

By William Cummings

The Ultimate Three Minutes is a statement of Christian theology in terms of "Salvation History", introducing the functions of Abraham, Moses, Second Isaiah and the Psalms; and placing in historical context the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ - his uniqueness, the formation of the Gospels, and the Eucharist as the identifying thread which binds the redemptive or salvation process into a coherent whole and vivifies the Christian hope. This presentation of basic Christian Gospel theology is carried within a simplistic account of the history of the Ancient World, written in the style of a continuous narrative, with digressions into special topics such as the Psalms, Augustus and Providence, the Sixth Chapter of St John's Gospel, and the Northern Frontier. It also features a parable drawn from modern science. The title of the book borrows from two distinguished scientists. In The First Three Minutes Steven Weinberg describes the developments of the first three minutes of the universe, following the explosion of the "Big Bang" 13.8 billion years ago. In The Last Three Minutes Paul Davies describes the final subsidence of the universe into entropy and heat death. The Ultimate Three Minutes: The Story of Two Great Human Watersheds -Their Preparation and Their Coinciding provides a humanitarian parallel. The title embodies a value judgement, namely the need of the human race for redemption, and the achievement of that redemption by Jesus Christ, the Anointed Saviour, on his Cross. The "Ultimate Three Minutes" is the final three minutes before Jesus Christ expelled his final breath, when the suffering and the cost of the redemption of mankind was at its most heavy and precarious.

Publication Date: 7/9/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781845197346