Media Events in Web 2.0 China

Interventions of Online Activism

By Jian Xu

This book is among the first to use a "media events" framework to examine China's Internet activism and politics, and the first study of the transformation of China's media events through the parameter of online activism. The author identifies the major modes of online activism in China (shanzhai [culture jamming]; citizen journalism; and weiguan [mediated mobilization]) into different types of Chinese media events (ritual celebration, natural disaster, political scandal). This contextualized analysis of online activism thus enables exploration of the spatial, temporal and relational dimensions of Chinese online activism with other social agents, such as the Party-state, mainstream media, and civil society. The analysis reveals Internet politics in China on three interrelated levels: the individual, the discursive, and the institutional. Contemporary cases, rich in empirical research data and interdisciplinary theory, demonstrate that alternative and activist use of the Internet has intervened in and transformed conventional Chinese media events of various types of agents, their agendas, and performances, and the subsequent and corresponding political impact. The Party-market controlled Chinese media events have become more open, contentious, and deliberative in the Web 2.0 era due to the active participation of ordinary Chinese people aided by the Internet. [Subject: Media Studies, Chinese Studies]

Publication Date: 12/15/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781845196356

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