Sex, Lies and Politics

Gay Politicians in the Press

By Donna Smith

This book provides a much-needed analysis of the changing representation of gay politicians in the UK's newspapers. The book focuses on the 1950s onwards, a time when the press became more personal, and gay politicians, as well as politicians involved in gay scandals, came to the forefront of media attention. The book uses case studies and socio-political analysis to develop a frame of representation which shows how a move from intolerance to tolerance to partial recognition of homosexuality has impacted the acceptability of homosexuality in 'heterosexual public space,' which then affected the representation of gay politicians in the press. What was private has now become public, pointing to the fact that gay politicians have mediated personas: their private lives, and sexualities, are lived in/presented through the media. Sex, Lies and Politics reveals insights about representation and the construction of identity through its focus on sexuality, politicians, and the media, with the changing line between the private and public as an essential concept. Sensationalism and scandal are key issues explored in the text. The representation of gay politicians in the UK press has so far been underrepresented in media and political studies. Lack of discussion is strange, considering that gay politicians have been at the forefront of the media's attention over the last 50 years. Sex, Lies and Politics provides a much needed contribution to political, media, and social history.

248 pages

Publication Date: 5/7/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781845194567

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