Ethnicity from Various Angles and Through Varied Lenses

Yesterday's Today in Latin America

Edited by: Christine Hunefeldt, Leon Zamosc

The contributions in this book were presented at the first conference on Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean (ERIP), organized by the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), held at UC, San Diego in 2008. This volume provides rich essays of the ways in which ethnicity has been perceived and represented by several historical actors, including indigenous peoples themselves, and how ethnicity, in the wake of such varied realities and perceptions, has been transformed over the course of time. The book will be essential reading for all Latin American Studies practitioners. Ethnicity from Various Angles and through Varied Lenses is divided into three main sections, with editorial introductions to each part. Part One of the book includes readings of the connections between ethnicity, nationality, and memory, namely how indigenous groups today, and in the past, chose to represent themselves and their social environment, and how indigenous peoples have responded to State-imposed national and ethnic identities ("various angles"). Part Two engages with contributions that center around how ethnicity is construed through ritual, geographical, and literary works ("various lenses"). Part Three explains how indigenous knowledge becomes commodified, reinvented, and re-appropriated from the "outside," namely with non-governmental organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and the State ("various angles"). (Series: Sussex Latin American Studies)

306 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781845193607

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