Jerusalem Syndrome

The Palestinian-Israeli Battle for the Holy City

By Moshe Amirav

In Jerusalem Syndrome - now in paperback - author Moshe Amirav, an expert on the conflict in Jerusalem, presents previously unrevealed facts and creative solutions for resolving the conflict. As a participant in political negotiations and national decision making, his book addresses disturbing questions: How is it that, after 40 years of Israeli efforts to unify Jerusalem, it is still one of the most divided cities in the world? Why is it that no country, including the US, has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Why has Israel failed in its efforts to curb the rapid growth of Jerusalem's Palestinian population, an increase that will lead to a Palestinian majority in Jerusalem in the next decade? Israel's policies have failed to unite Jerusalem. Israeli and Palestinian strategies to gain control over East Jerusalem are analyzed, but neither side has proved victorious, and the battle rages on locally and internationally, with serious implications for stability in the Middle East. Amirav reveals the deep historical divisions within the Arab-Muslim camp over guardianship of Muslim holy places, and he provides a gripping account of the Camp David negotiations in 2000, which failed in part due to disagreement about sovereignty over Jerusalem's holy places. When interviewed at the time of the book's publication in Hebrew, Amirav stated: "We have to divide Jerusalem. We have to get rid of some of our syndromes, some of our dreams." - Newsweek (The Holy City Loses Faith, June 4, 2007)

230 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781845193485