The Watkin Path

An Approach to Belief: The Life of E.I. Watkin

By Magdalen Goffin

The Watkin Path: An Approach to Belief is a panorama of twentieth-century social and political history seen through the life of E. I. Watkin (1888-1981). This biography is an interplay of love, friction, war, politics, and money, together with a relentless search for religious truth. At birth Watkin was handed over to his grandmother, an old lady who lived alone in a mansion by the river at Walton-on-Thames. He met few other children and his strange childhood may account for some of his eccentricities. Watkin became a Roman Catholic when he was at Oxford. His experience as one of the inner circle of Catholic writers is revealing. He was allowed to publish his books on philosophy, history, and literature, but when it came to the interpretation of the Catholic faith he was persistently harassed by the censors. Although Watkin was one of the foremost English precursors of the Second Vatican Council, he deeply deplored some of its consequences. His extraordinary life experiences were many and varied and includes the time when he instantly fell in love with Helena Shepheard at a party in 1912, at which point he stopped his diary writing. The story of that marriage, and the Watkin family's engagement with politicians and theologians about the political and social issues of the time, make for a truly fascinating biography of a most extraordinary man.

321 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781845191283