Intercultural Education

Ethnographic and Religious Approaches

By Eleanor Nesbitt

Written for teachers, teacher trainers and their students, and others working with children and young people, this book provides a valuable resource for those engaged in religious studies and South Asian studies, comprising a rich library of data relevant to current debates in these fields. Drawing on field studies of children of South Asian and other backgrounds in Britain, Nesbitt argues the value to schools of teachers adopting an ethnographic approach in intercultural education. Examples from primary, secondary and higher education demonstrate the urgent need for teachers and others to be better informed of cultural diversity and to understand the interconnection between ethnographic studies, pastoral care, the curriculum, and international events. Intercultural Education examines a wide variety of issues, including spirituality, identity formation, the ways in which beliefs and practices are represented, stereotyping communities, being a Christian at school, and the role of caste. The book contains practical guidelines for teachers, as well as a glossary, covering pastoral care, racism, liaison with parents, and recognizing the diversity of language.

204 pages

Publication Date: 7/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781845190330

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