Chinese Studies from the Perspective of Globalization

By Zhou Xiaohong

Contributions by: Zhang Daozhen

With rapid changes taking place in Chinese society over the past 35 years-particularly with the steady increase of the GDP of the Chinese economy-China has attracted increasingly more attention from the world. The many views concerning China, be they of kindness or hostility, all express the same fact: the global influence of China has changed greatly over the past 30 years. This increase of China's global influence exerts multiple influences on Chinese Studies. These influences may include the relative status of the discipline, the internationalization of its research, the transformation of its research paradigm, the significance of original theories, and the issue of academic subjectivity. Chinese Studies from the Perspective of Globalization explores the possibility of reconstructing theories and paradigms of Chinese Studies, including the revolution taking place in rural areas. This book discusses the social psychological transformation of Chinese peasants, the formation and construction of the Chinese middle class, and the features of contemporary youth culture. [Subject:?Chinese Studies, Sociology, Politics]

Publication Date: 1/1/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844644766

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