Understanding China Politics: The Key Words Approach

Edited by: Jing Yuejin, Zhang Xiaojin, Yu Xunda

Contributions by: Han Shuangmiao, Wu Jiang

Understanding China Politics: The Key Words Approach examines the concepts and features behind the 21 outstanding words in the contemporary Chinese political lexicon. Topics include: democracy within the Communist Party of China, local government cooperation, civil society, and social welfare. A selection of representative political concepts in China since the 1978 Reform has been chosen to illustrate practical Chinese political life. This book also tries to adopt the methodology of modern political science and deepen theoretical analysis of Chinese politics to reveal the internal laws and the fundamental value of the political development of China. The author concentrates on presenting and analyzing China's practical politics. Through this book, readers can not only see the great transition in Chinese political discourse and the latest outcome of Chinese political studies but, more significantly, they are able to understand the practical political transformation of China since reform, as well as see the latest progress in Chinese democratic politics. [Subject: Politics, Chinese Studies]

Publication Date: 1/1/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844644742