Theory and Practice of Policy Transfer in a Changing China

By Zhang Yanzhe

This book makes a theoretical, empirical and prescriptive contribution to the contemporary study of policy transfer. It observes that despite bold claims to the contrary, most studies of policy transfer are characterised by their mono-cultural understanding of the process of policy-oriented learning reflected in an obsession with the destination of transfer rather than its original policy setting or settings. This betrays an absence of strong comparative investigation of the process of learning. This book advances an interactive model of policy transfer networks that investigates the process of learning through three interactive dimensions: between structure and agents, network and context, and network and outcome. The book's second contribution is the presentation of original case study explorations of the role of policy transfer in facilitating the rise of the Quasi-Competition State. Zhang Yanzhe contends that policy transfer has become a key policy instrument in the process of transition from a command to a market socialist economy, and latterly to what may be termed a Quasi-Competition State. In order to meet the perceived imperatives of state transformation, the 'Reform and Open Door' policy has been featured by a broad range of processes of policy learning. The third and final contribution of this book lies in its identification of the ingredients of rational policy transfer which can hopefully help guide future Chinese policy-makers to more progressive policy outcomes. [Subject: Politics, Chinese Studies, Policy Studies]

Publication Date: 3/31/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844644704