Theory and Practice of Sustainable Urban Development in China

By Liu Yaobin

Following a research design of "phenomenal description-theoretical analysis-model construction-empirical test-policy suggestion", this book aims at proposing "National Resources and Environment" (NRE)-constrained urbanization theory and establishing a measurement system for appropriate level of urbanization. By using theories and models of NRE-constrained urbanization, this book examines the "resource drag" and "resource curse" in Jiangxi's urbanization; deduces the equilibrium level of NRE-constrained urbanization in Jiangxi by using the econometric model and compares the actual compatibility of the level and speed of urbanization in Jiangxi during 1978-2008 by using environmental capacity constrained Logistic model. The objectives of this book are: (1) to reveal the mechanism and rules of NRE-constrained urbanization theoretically; (2) to propose a measurement model and methods for monitoring the appropriate progress of urbanization under constraint of NRE; (3) to conduct an empirical study on Jiangxi Province, evaluate its proper NRE-constrained urbanization process from the aspects of level, speed, structure and scale during "11th Five Year Plan" by quantitative evaluation on Jiangxi's urbanization, NRE, and thus give suggestions for policy making. [Subject: Asian Studies, Development Studies, Urban Studies]

Publication Date: 8/31/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844644681

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