The Rise of the Consumer in Modern China

Edited by: Wang Ning

China has undergone profound social changes, with far-reaching consequences in all walks of life since reform began 30 years ago. To fully understand China's transformation, the landscape must be surveyed from the perspective of consumption, where one can find many intrinsic links between seemingly unrelated aspects of social reform. Now available in paperback, The Rise of the Consumer in Modern China is the result of a seven-year research campaign conducted by leading Chinese academic Wang Ning. Detailed and comprehensive, it cites numerous policy documents and source material generated from interviews, alongside data, expert commentary, and conclusions. The transformation from asceticism to consumerism is a vital factor when considering China's economic and social reforms. Authoritative and richly detailed, the book offers a revealing and unique insight into a key aspect of China's opening up. Not only have there been revolutionary changes in consumer behavior, the role of consumption in driving the evolution of society has become un-ignorable. From a sociological perspective, it is vital to study and analyze the changes in Chinese consumption before and after China's opening-up. (Series: Economic Change in China) [Subject: Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Economics, Business, Consumerism]

Publication Date: 3/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781844644476

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