The Maguai Festival of the Zhuang People

By Li Song

In China, 'The Maguai Festival' of the Zhuang People literally means 'worshipping frog to pray for peace, harmony, and a good harvest for the upcoming year,' since the frog is deemed an incarnation of gods. This book introduces the cultural background of the Zhuang people, along with the origin, development, and dissemination of the Maguai Festival. This ethnic minority has a comparably large population in China and its culture is an important part of Chinese civilization. The Zhuang people have a unique lifestyle, including ethnic costumes, folk singing and dancing, special cuisine, and indigenous religions. All these cultural elements can be observed in 'The Maguai Festival.' The book - written as an English-Chinese bilingual text - covers most aspects of the characteristic culture of Zhuang people, which is less known to the rest of the world, but should not be neglected. It offers a panoramic view of Zhuang culture to a global audience. (Series: Chinese Festival Culture) [Subject: Anthropology, Chinese Studies, Asian Studies, Cultural Studies, Ethnic Studies]

Publication Date: 1/6/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844644247

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