The Festival of February the Second

By Li Song

In China, 'The Festival of February the Second' literally means the day of dragon's head-raising and, on this day, Chinese people pray for favorable weather and a bumper harvest for the year. This book - printed in an English-Chinese bilingual text - introduces the origin, development, implied meanings, and abundant features of this festival. As one of many traditional Chinese festivals, 'The Festival of February the Second' is less known outside China. Even many locals in China have forgotten this important festival, which used to be popular in rural areas. Originating from the countryside, it is deeply rooted in the agricultural era. Therefore, it has many aspects that are different to other festivals in China. The book offers an insight into a key part of China's festival heritage. (Series: Chinese Festival Culture) [Subject: Anthropology, Chinese Studies, Asian Studies, Cultural Studies]

Publication Date: 12/22/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844644186

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