On Characters of Tibetan Writing System

Alphabetic characters, pronunciations, ISO codes, sorting sequences, picture symbols, and transliterations

By Di Jiang

The Tibetan language has a 1,300 year history and is widely disseminated and used. This book specifically focuses on Tibetan text symbols, including research on the characters, their structural features, and the application properties. Properties - such as origin, forms, pronunciation, function, structure, word frequency, code, sort, and transferring - are also discussed. Chapter topics include the following: an introduction to the origin of Tibetan language and the features of its words ** Tibetan words, forms, pronunciations, and characters (consonant characters and vowels symbols) ** the systematic classification of Tibetan textual symbols, showing that these symbols can be categorized into word symbols and non-word symbols ** how non-native Tibetan speakers who study the Tibetan language like to use Latin letters to record Tibetan words, and how the authors propose a complete plan for Latin transferring of Tibetan characters ** the sequencing of a Tibetan dictionary ** the number of characters that are there in the Tibetan language, how to write down the Tibetan language, and how to pronounce the Lhasa dialect ** the significance and function of Tibetan characters ** the relevance of Tibetan picture symbols in Tibetan society, history, and culture ** a dictionary for Tibetan characters, including their name, pronunciation, shape, origin, international and national code, as well as their relationship with Sanskrit. *** Librarians: ebook available [Subject: Tibetan Studies, Asian Studies, Language, Linguistics]

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