Rural Women's and Girls' Participation and Leadership for Community Development

A Training Handbook

By Yuan Feng, Jin Chi, Alana Livesey, Lichao Yang

This book provides guidelines for introducing community-based gender analysis and practical development concerns, through developing gender-sensitive training activities for practitioners and community members in the developing world in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Based on national and international training projects, along with extensive experiences in the promotion of gender awareness and women's capacity building in China and internationally, this training manual provides a valuable blueprint for capacity building activities and training projects in developing countries -- all in the promotion of social development and gender equality. The handbook is guided by international human rights frameworks, and it focuses on analyzing structures of power and gender inequality across a variety of institutions and systems within various countries. The training activities are participatory and emphasize an active participation of all trainees. Through conducting several pilot trainings, the manual is internationally versatile and applicable to different regional and national contexts. (Series: Women's and Girls' Social and Educational Empowerment (WESEE): Training Manual) [Subject: Chinese Studies, Asian Studies, African Studies, Latin American Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies, Youth Studies, Gender Studies, Rural Studies, Development Studies, Human Rights]

Publication Date: 9/1/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781844644100