Rural China in Transition

Edited by: Jiang Changyun

To understand China, one must first understand the agricultural areas and farmers of China, who have managed to feed 22% of the world's population with only 7% of the world's cultivated land. China's industrialization and urbanization has created pressures on China's cultivated land mass. With the growth in population and rising incomes, China now requires more agricultural products. More food is needed, with less land to grow it on. Can China cope with this trend? Rural China in Transition answers this question. Rural China in Transition uses a rich and detailed statistical analysis to outline the current trends in China's huge agricultural industries, and it examines the future steps that will need to be taken to ensure China continues to produce the vast amount of agricultural products it now requires. The book covers: likely future policies and plans * guidelines to help enhance food security * modern developments in agriculture * information on China's agricultural sciences and technologies * comments on the protection of farmers' interests and rights. Readers will benefit from learning about the approaches and solutions that help address the agricultural problems facing not just modern-day China, but numerous nations around the world.

182 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844643370