General History of Religions in China Part II

Edited by: Mou Zongjian, Zhang Jian

Contributions by: Chi Zhen

Religion and belief have played vital roles in the history of Chinese culture. This major two-volume work [Volume I: ISBN 978 1 84464 269 4 / Volume II: ISBN 978 1 84464 270 0] examines China's fascinating history of religion and the winding path that each religion has taken throughout Chinese history. The book chronologically sets out the major events and historical developments of each religion and faith that has played a part in creating modern-day China. These include early primitive religions, patriarchal religions, Chinese folk religions, Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. It offers deep and methodical research with contributions from some of China's most distinguished professors. Both volumes will be essential references for academic institutions involved with Asian studies and religious studies, as well as those who seek to better understand the roots of contemporary Chinese culture. *** Librarians: ebook available (Series: Religions in China) [Subject: Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Religious Studies, Cultural History]

850 pages

Publication Date: 1/31/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844642700

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