Social Change in Contemporary China and the Theory of Social Contradictions

The Social Class and Interest Group Analysis in Contemporary China

By Wang Weiguang

Contributions by: Huang Yusheng

This book examines the various social contradictions that sit at the heart of China's strategy of maintaining a harmonious socialist society while generating vertiginous economic growth. Edited by a senior member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the book discusses the roots and backgrounds of the key theories of contradiction, alongside the practical implications on modern-day China. The content is divided into two unique parts. The first section focuses on the contradictions among the people, while the second section examines the contradictions between different social groups and social classes. Systematic and wide-ranging, the book provides a clear understanding into China's perceptions and ideas of social contradiction theory. It will be particularly relevant to scholars in social sciences/socialism studies, Marxist theory studies, and Chinese/Asian studies. [First edition published under the title "Efficiency, Equality and Harmony: On Contradictions among the People in the New Era and Socialist Harmonious Society", 2006.] (Series: Philosophy in Modern China) [Subject: Sociology, Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Philosophy, Socialism]

750 pages

Publication Date: 1/13/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844642670

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