China - Emerging Markets Relations: Review and Analysis (Volume 1)

Edited by: Lin Yueqin

Contributions by: Zheng Chao

One of the significant features of post-World War II global economic development has been the accelerated rise of emerging markets, which have become important forces in leading global economic development, as well as in changing global politics and economics. The 1990s saw the rise of a group of large emerging markets, including China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, and Vietnam. The rapid development of these markets has brought stability and prosperity to the world economy and brought impetus to the reform of global governance systems. Among them, China, India, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa are grouped under the acronym BRICS, and their rapid rise in recent years make them the new engines of global economic growth and important forces of global governance. This book analyzes the relationships between emerging markets, with a particular focus on BRICS. It explores how mutual cooperation has boosted the growth of these countries. It discusses foreign trade and economic development, as well as the fiscal and financial reform, of BRICS. Regional development and cooperation of BRICS are also examined. China plays a pivotal role within BRICS and also has growing financial influence across the globe. From a Chinese perspective, this study offers a unique insight into emerging markets in general and BRICS in particular. (Series: China International Relations - Vol. 1 ~) [Subject: Chinese Studies, Asian Studies, International Relations, Politics, Economics, Finance]

300 pages

Publication Date: 2/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781844641437

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