The Permanent New Zealand Court of Appeal

Essays on the First 50 Years

Edited by: Rick Bigwood

This volume of essays celebrates the first 50 years in the life of the New Zealand Court of Appeal. The move, in 1958, to a Court of Appeal comprised of permanent appellate judges was an important landmark in the development of New Zealand law. The essays highlight areas where the Court of Appeal has made a significant contribution to New Zealand and wider Commonwealth law, showing how the Court's jurisprudence has both reflected and contributed to resolving some of the pressing issues of the times. It is a critical reflection on the changing work and achievements of the permanent Court over the past half-century. In addition to recording the perspectives of a former President on the Court's achievements, the essays deal with such varied topics as: the role and use of precedent by the Court of Appeal . the Court's contribution to Commonwealth administrative law . criminal appeals . relationship property . accident compensation and tort litigation . company law . equity in commercial dealings . the rights of the Maori, the Indigenous people of New Zealand.

377 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841139623