The Legal Order of the Oceans

Basic Documents on the Law of the Sea

Edited by: A.V. Lowe, S.A.G. Talmon

This compendium of documents brings together, for the first time in an affordable format, the documents needed to gain a thorough knowledge of the laws of the sea. There has long been a need for such a collection, providing students, scholars, and practitioners with a working library of the key materials. This collection integrates documents of the International Maritime Organization (which are not available anywhere on the web in consolidated form), regional fisheries organizations, security related documents, treaties concerning resource exploitation, environmental protection measures, and much more into the framework created by the Law of the Sea Convention. The book is an unrivaled source of information for teachers and practitioners, and will serve as a student's classroom companion for maritime law courses.

1012 pages

Publication Date: 8/10/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781841138237