Oliver on Free Movement of Goods in the European Union

Fifth Edition

Edited by: Peter Oliver

This fifth edition of Peter Oliver's classic work has established itself as one of the leading works of reference on European law for practitioners and academics alike. Indeed, whether advising clients or preparing for teaching, there is no European lawyer who can afford not to have a copy of this book close to hand. Concise, precise, and lucid, the book has become the first port of call for anyone seeking answers to questions about the foundations of free movement of goods in the EC. With specialist chapters written by leading academics and practicing lawyers, including Peter Oliver himself, this edition has been extensively rewritten to take into account the immense flow of judgments from the European courts, as well as the regular legislative outputs of the European Commission. Finally, the implications of the Treaty of Lisbon - should it enter into force - are examined.

628 pages

Publication Date: 9/2/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841138107