Structure and Justification in Private Law

Essays for Peter Birks

Edited by: Charles Rickett, Ross Grantham

Peter Birks's tragically early death, and his immense influence around the world, led immediately to the call for a volume of essays in his honor by scholars who had known him as a colleague, teacher, and friend. One such volume, published in 2006, contained essays largely from scholars within England. This new festschrift contains innovative and inspiring essays from individuals outside of England who have chosen to honor Peter. These essays focus on some of the most profound questions in private law concerning taxonomy; the relationship between contract, property, and unjust enrichment; and the place of remedies within private law. With its thought-provoking essays inspired by Peter's example, Structure and Justification in Private Law provides a fitting tribute to one of the most respected scholars of private law who contributed significantly to the law of restitution.~

460 pages

Publication Date: 3/30/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841138077