Film and the Law

The Cinema of Justice (Second Edition)

By Guy Osborn, Steve Greenfield, Peter Robson

Described by Richard Sherwin of New York Law School as the law and film movement's 'founding text,' this is the second edition of the original Film and the Law (Cavendish Publishing, 2001). Heavily revised and improved, it is unique as a sustained book-length exposition on law and film by law scholars, and it is distinctive within law and film scholarship in its attempt to plot the parameters of a distinctive genre of law films. Its examination of the subject of law in film, as place and space, offers a new way out of the law film genre problem. Film and the Law also examines representations of an aspect of legal practice/legal institutions that have not been addressed by other scholars. It is original in its contribution to work within the wider parameters of law and popular culture and offers a sustained challenge to traditional legal scholarship, amply demonstrating the practical and the pedagogic - as well as the moral and political - significance of popular cultural representations of law. Film and the Law is an invaluable teaching and learning resource, and is the first in the field to serve as a basic guidebook for students of law and film.

357 pages

Publication Date: 10/5/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781841137254