Landlord and Tenant Law in Context

By Susan Bright

This book explains UK landlord and tenant law by showing how the statutory and common law rules have been shaped by wider commercial, social, economic, and policy considerations; by the growth in human rights law; and by changing concepts of community and justice. The law is explained by reference to the different stages of the relationship - entering a lease, regulating leases, managing leasehold property, and so on. By setting the law in the different stages of the relationship, the book shows where the shared issues faced by landlord and tenant receive a common legal response, and where the different context of the leasehold relationship has led to a variety in legal rules. UK landlord and tenant law is now very different from the common law of 100 years ago. In describing the modern law, the unique style of this book enables the reader to see how the commonalities and the contrasts between the law in the different sectors can be explained.

816 pages

Publication Date: 12/12/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781841137223

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