Innovations in Evidence and Proof

Integrating Theory, Research and Teaching

Edited by: Paul Roberts, Mike Redmayne

Innovations in Evidence and Proof brings together 15 leading scholars and experienced law teachers based in the US, Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, and the UK to explore and debate the latest developments in evidence and proof scholarship. The essays comprising this volume range expansively over questions of disciplinary taxonomy, pedagogical method and computer-assisted learning, doctrinal analysis, fact-finding, techniques of adjudication, the ethics of cross-examination, the implications of behavioral science research for legal procedure, human rights, comparative law, and international criminal trials. Communicating the breadth, dynamism, and intensity of contemporary theoretical innovation in their diversity of subject matter and approach, the authors nonetheless remain united by a common purpose, which is to indicate how the best interdisciplinary theorizing and research might be integrated directly into degree-level evidence teaching. This groundbreaking collection will be essential reading, engaging the interest and imagination of scholars, researchers, and students investigating issues of evidence and proof in any legal system - municipal, transnational, or global.

413 pages

Publication Date: 11/7/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841137063

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