Whose Freedom, Security and Justice?

EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy

By Helen Toner, Elspeth Guild, Anneliese Baldacinni

This book brings together contributions from some of the leading authorities in the field of EU immigration and asylum law to reflect upon developments since the Amsterdam Treaty and, particularly, the Tampere European Council in 1999. At Tampere, Heads of State and Government met to set guidelines for the implementation of the powers and competences introduced by the Amsterdam Treaty and examine the goal of the EU as an area of freedom, security, and justice. Since 1999, a substantial body of law and policy has developed, but the process has been lengthy and the results open to critique. This book presents a series of analyses and reflections on the major legal instruments and policy themes, with the underlying question, to what extent the ideals held out of 'freedom, security, and justice accessible to all' are in fact reflected in these legislative and policy developments. Has freedom from terrorism and the spectre of illegal or irregular migration, along with increasingly strict border securitization and surveillance, overshadowed the freedom of the migrant to seek legitimate entry or residence, a secure refuge from persecution, and effective access to justice? EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy critically examines the challenges that will arise in the future.

550 pages

Publication Date: 6/4/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841136844