Crime, Procedure and Evidence in a Comparative and International Context

Essays in Honour of Professor Mirjan Dama?¼éka

Edited by: Maximo Langer, Peter Tillers, John Jackson

This festschrift honors the work of Professor Mirjan Dama?ka - Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School and a prominent authority for many years in the fields of comparative law, procedural law, evidence, international criminal law, and continental legal history. Professor Dama?ka's work is renowned for providing new frameworks for understanding different legal traditions. To celebrate the depth and richness of his work and discuss its implications for the future, the editors have brought together an impressive range of leading scholars from different jurisdictions in the fields of criminal law, comparative law, international law, evidence, and legal theory. After an introduction by the editors and a tribute by Harold Koh - Dean of Yale Law School - the book is then divided into three parts. The first part explores a number of insights from Professor Dama?ka's work in the fields of evidence, criminal law, and legal theory. The second part considers contemporary trends in national and international criminal procedure, examining both the extent to which these are resulting in converging practices across national jurisdictions and the growing importance of international criminal law. The final part of the book assesses Professor Dama?ka's contribution to comparative law and the challenges faced by comparative law in the 21st century.

438 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841136820