Globalisation and Resistance

Law Reform in Asia since the Crisis

Edited by: Volkmar Gessner, Christoph Antons

In comparing existing research on Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America, it is clear that legal developments in East and South Asian societies are somewhat under-researched. What this book contributes to the debate is an "area study" - interdisciplinary research pertaining to a particular geographical or cultural region. The region discussed here presents an ideal testing ground for legal pluralism, and for economic, cultural, and political influences on the role of law in development. The 'developmental states' of Asia are regarded as refuting both Latin American dependency theory and classical modernization theory. They seem to follow quite distinct political, economic, and legal developments. However, especially after the Asian Crisis, their approaches have come under intense pressure. The book examines the resulting reform efforts and the tensions they generate in areas such as constitutional and administrative law, commercial law, and human rights.

316 pages

Publication Date: 5/9/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841136806

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