Swedish Studies in European Law

Volume 1, 2006

Edited by: Nils Wahl, Per Cramer

The Swedish Network for European Legal Studies is happy to announce the launch of a new annual publication, which will act as a forum for the publication of studies on European law by Swedish scholars, entitled Swedish Studies in European Law. This will be a hardback of about 300 pages annually, containing peer-reviewed articles aimed at spreading Swedish legal research on European law to a wide international audience. The editors of the yearbook are Professor Nils Wahl, chairman of the board of the Swedish Network, and Professor Per Cramer. The articles in the volume are concerned with European law, its development, impact, and reform. Furthermore, they are original, analytical contributions to doctrinal debates and questions by legal EU researchers mainly, but not exclusively, connected with the Swedish universities.

309 pages

Publication Date: 10/14/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841136554