The Structure of Property Law

By Ben McFarlane

In its essence, land law has to provide answers to two very difficult questions: who is entitled to use land, and how they are entitled to use it? Land law is therefore inherently difficult, but not impossibly so. It consists of an ordered and logical system, which aims to take the sting out of fierce disputes. This new introductory textbook reveals the system and also shows how it is possible to understand and criticize land law. The book is written in a student-friendly style and, in both its pages and companion web-site, makes use of helpful visual aids. The book places land law firmly within the wider context of property law. The introduction discusses a basic tension which runs throughout property law, and it shows how that tension is heightened where land is involved. The second part shows the response to this basic tension, setting out a basic structure which applies throughout property law, while noting how the special nature of land leads to the special features of land law. The third part of the book applies the basic structure to the individual topics making up land law courses, using the structure to reveal the conceptual coherence which lies behind the technical terms. The book is ideal reading for undergraduate law students seeking a rock-solid understanding of how land law works.

955 pages

Publication Date: 7/11/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781841135595

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