The Morality of Conflict

Reasonable Disagreement and the Law

By Samantha Besson

The Morality of Conflict explores the relationship between the law and pervasive and persistent reasonable disagreement about justice. It reveals the central moral function and creative force of reasonable disagreement in and about the law and shows why and how lawyers and legal philosophers should take reasonable conflict more seriously. Even though the law should be regarded as the primary mode of settlement of our moral conflicts, it can, and should, also be the object and the forum of further moral conflicts. There is more to the rule of law than convergence and determinacy, and it is important therefore to question the importance of agreement in law and politics. By addressing in detail issues pertaining to the nature and sources of disagreement, this book suggests the value of a comprehensive approach to thinking about conflict, which until recently has been analyzed in a compartmentalized way. It aims to provide a fully-fledged political morality of conflict by drawing on the analysis of topical jurisprudential questions in the new light of disagreement.

601 pages

Publication Date: 11/23/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841134925