Human Rights in the Community

Rights as Agents for Change

Edited by: Colin Harvey

There has been a considerable focus in the last few years on the meaning of UK's Human Rights Act 1998 and its real and potential impact on judges and lawyers. Much has been written on the implications of the new legislation for a variety of areas of law. With the rising level of case-law the emphasis is now turning to the impact of the legislation on specific areas of social life. In this volume the focus is on the practice of human rights and how they are enforced in reality. There is much discussion in the literature of a 'human rights culture' but how precisely is such a culture to be created, and how do we make sense of human rights? Questions are addressed in two parts. Part I examines general issues surrounding the full and effective implementation of human rights, including their mainstreaming in legal and political life as well as the implications of constitutional change for human rights protection in the UK. Part II explores the implications of human rights standards in particular areas in order to test whether a 'human rights culture' has emerged.

253 pages

Publication Date: 4/21/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781841134468