Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary International Law

Between Resistance and Compliance?

Edited by: Sari Kouvo, Zoe Pearson

The essays in this ground-breaking volume analyze feminism's positioning vis-a-vis international law and the current paradigms of international law. The thought-provoking book argues that, willingly or unwillingly, feminist perspectives on international law have come to be situated between 'resistance' and 'compliance.' That is, feminist scholarship aims at deconstructing international law to show why and how women have been marginalized. At the same time, feminists have been largely unwilling to challenge the core of international law and its institutions, remaining hopeful of international law's potential for women. The analysis is clustered around three sectional themes. Part 1 (theory and method) looks at how feminist perspectives on international law have developed and seeks to introduce new theoretical and methodological tools, especially through a focus on psychoanalysis and geography. Part 2 (national and international security) focuses on how feminisms have situated themselves in relation to the current discourses of 'crisis,' the post-9/11 non-governmental organization 'industry,' and the changing discourses of violence against women. Part 3 (global and local justice) addresses some of the emerging trends in international law, focusing especially on transitional justice, state-building, trafficking, and economic globalization. (Series: Onati International Series in Law and Society) [Subject: International Law, Public Law, Gender and the Law, Legal Theory, Feminist Studies, Gender Studies]

250 pages

Publication Date: 5/9/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841134284

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