International Law

Modern Feminist Approaches; With a Foreward by Mary Robinson

Edited by: Doris Buss, Ambreena Manji

Contributions by: Mary Robinson

Over the last 10 years, feminist scholars and activists have turned their attention to international law with apparently dramatic results. The impact of feminist engagement is felt in diverse areas from human rights to environmental law. But what do these successes signal for the future? How open is international law to feminist enquiry? What does it mean to do feminist theory in international law? What lessons have we learned from engaging with international law, and what directions do we still need to explore? This book brings together feminist scholars from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro, the United States and United Kingdom. Drawing on diverse theoretical approaches, the chapters explore the directions and tensions in feminist engagement with various areas of international law from human rights, trade and development, and gender mainstreaming, to humanitarian intervention, and environmental and humanitarian law.

303 pages

Publication Date: 6/21/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781841134277